By popular demand: here's the code of conduct for the board. Please post responsibly.

1. Anything NSFW must be in an explicitly labeled thread or behind an explicitly labeled link. In the case of especially vulgar/disturbing images, links should be used rather than posting images on the forum. A brief description (nudity, gore, etc) would be appreciated - especially in extreme cases.

2. PG-13 language. 'Fuck' is OK. Use your discretion for anything more taboo. Intent trumps asterisks. Tread very carefully around sexist, homophobic, or racially insensitive terms.

3. The occasional personal plug is fine. Relentless self-promotion is obnoxious.

4. Cool it with personal attacks. You might know you're joking, the attackee might know you're joking, the mods might know you're joking, but we'd rather not have that be the baseline learned behavior for anyone who doesn't know you're joking.

5. Even people with terrible taste in music can be alright boarders. If your options are "be an asshole" or "say nothing," try to err on the side of saying nothing.

6. Using secondary accounts on the board is sometimes funny, sometimes useful, and sometimes manipulative. Mods can and will expose you with evidence if we suspect you're using an alternate account to sow discord. Please be responsible. Anyone caught using a secondary account to circumvent a board suspension for any reason is subject to an extended suspension.

7. If you bought tickets to a thing and can't go anymore, feel free to sell them. If you bought them with the intent of making a buck off the board, we'll kindly ask you to leave.

8. Trolling will make you few friends among mods. Don't agitate people for your own entertainment.

9. No matter what your feelings on the record industry, the message board for one of the world's largest celebrations of its products is not a place for the trading of its copyrighted works - or any other illegal material, for that matter. So don't do it.

10. What's the difference between a joke everyone gets and an unwarranted personal attack? The report function. Reports are confidential and are the best way to alert a mod that someone has crossed the line. Please only use the report function if you have a serious complaint about something that has been posted. Abusing the report function is a great way to get a suspension.

11. Mods, as human beings, will be inconsistent. A 24-hour suspension isn't the end of the world. When you're coming back from a suspension, tread lightly. If you're about to get a lifetime ban, you'll know.

12. Pushing our buttons and trying to exploit loopholes in the rules for fun and profit are frowned upon. If you find a new and exciting way to piss people off, we reserve the right to lay down the law as we see fit.

13. Don't talk about profiting from scalping tickets on the board, please.

14. If you're having technical difficulties, have lost a password, or otherwise can't get the board software to do what you need it to, contact sixtimes.