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Thread: Can I still volunteer?

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    Can I still volunteer?

    I missed the deadline by a long shot but I would still like to volunteer if there are any open positions. I don't think you can just walk up to the volunteer booth and ask can you? I can work on all 3 days on any of the shifts. I am from Chicago and have been going to the festival for past 3 years but always been missing on volunteering. Thanks.

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    You certainly can just walk up to the booth and ask - but whether they say yes is a mystery. In the past there's been that whole pick up litter in the park for the chance to win a Prius thing, I think - that's like volunteering if you assume you're probably not gonna win.

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    Worst bump ever...I know, but,

    Apparently, Lolla is still looking for volunteers this year (I seem to recall volunteer spots to have been filled almost as quickly as tickets have sold out in past years). If it appeals to anyone, Four hour shift = free one day entry, meal voucher, T-Shirt.

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